BUY ON GOOGLE free for Retailers

BUY ON GOOGLE free for Retailers

BUY ON GOOGLE free for Retailers


Buy on Google is now open and commission-free which is amazing news for all the retailers who are a part of the Google Shopping.

Google has been making a considerable amount of changes for small retail businesses to reach customers and make sales online through its shopping platform Google Shopping. Google has made it free to list products for retailers on Google Shopping in the United States & free listings to search too.

This Buy on Google is a checkout option that lets customers buy products from the google search results without even entering the actual shopping website.

Normally Google would charge a commission fee for every sale that is made through their platform, but they have waived that fee through this new update.


Why make these changes?


So why make these changes to waiver the commission fee. This update would mean that all online stores would prefer to use Google’s Buy on Google checkout as there is no commission fee.

This would mean that soon most of the online sales that are happening through Google Shopping will happen through Buy on Google checkout. They are also opening their platform to third-party providers like PayPal and Shopify.

In this era, Data is the real Gold. When most of the sales run through Buy on Google checkout, Google can collect valuable data about all the online shopping experience. They will use the information from that data to make huge profits by implementing them effectively.

The longer the customer stays in Google platform the more they can show ads and make money out of it.


A massive advantage for retailers


Google shopping already has its great advantage of getting traffic through your free listings or with shopping ads. Now with Buy on Google, you can give your customers an easy and hassle-free way to purchase the product as soon as they see it without going to a different page.

Now that Google has removed the commission fee it’s even easier for all sorts of retailers to sell directly on Google without worrying about additional commission fees.

Right now this option is available to few selected sellers who are eligible and over the upcoming months, this will be available to all eligible sellers in the United States.

Check for the seller requirements and sign up to join their wait-list.

Some other cool options that Google offers up are the use of retailer’s choice of third-party providers for inventory management, order management & process payments.

Right now Google has offered retailers to use Shopify as a third party for inventory management and order management. PayPal & Shopify for payment processing.


Hassle-free Inventory import

Google is making things very simple for retailers to import their products by enabling commonly used product feed formats.

This means retailers can easily connect their inventory & sell directly on Google without reformatting their data.

They are also making it possible for retailers to add even more product information on their listings such as product images and technical specifications. The best part is that they don’t have to upload images and type in all the specs again, Google will pull all the relevant data from their existing database which makes it a lot easier.


Giving Small Businesses a chance

Buy on Google checkout update will definitely bring in all sets of retailers to sell on Google Shopping. However due to the global pandemic and after seeing a large number of people wanting to support small businesses Google has an upcoming update.

They are planning to add a new Small Business Filter on the Google Shopping tab, this option will filter and show only the smaller merchants who need the support.

They are also planning to add even more features to the Google Shopping platform to specifically help and grow small businesses to compete in online commerce.


A downside to looking into

Even though the concept of waiving off the commission fee through the Buy on Google can be all sunshine and rainbows, there are few downsides to it that need to be addressed.

With this new update, Google makes all possible ways to keep the customer/visitor to stay in the Google platform where they can show ads, earn money & collect data.

However, for retailers owning a website that is set up to collect leads through mailing lists/memberships this is a disaster; Customers will checkout at Google Shopping and wouldn’t have to visit your website.

Getting your customer to visit your landing page or website is key to develop a branding experience which in turn will result in customers returning to shop for more.


This update will be first implemented in the United States, they would be at their testing and optimizing stage at the beginning months.

Once done they are planning global launches at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021.

Source: Google

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