OFF PAGE SEO / OFF SITE SEO OFF PAGE SEO also called OFF SITE SEO is the technique of taking actions outside of your website to improve your website ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). Optimizing your site using OFF SITE SEO technique improves the search engine and the end-user perspective of a site’s authority & relevance. While ON PAGE SEO optimizes the content of a page & HTML source code OFF PAGE SEO improves the performance of a site or page by using other trustworthy and authoritative places on the internet like websites, pages, influencers, etc. We should link our page to an authoritative website so that people will trust that the links that they share or promote will have quality content, this, in turn, vouches for our site credibility.

Why is OFF PAGE SEO very important?

Although search engine algorithms and ranking factors are everchanging there are few factors that are constant when it comes to SEO which is relevance, authority & trustworthiness. These factors play a very important role when it comes to ranking a website. Search engines always try to update their algorithms only to bring out the best results to the search query; OFF PAGE SEO techniques give the search engines a user perspective of a website so that they can gauge it according to the relevance and the usefulness for a visitor. Studies show that OFF-PAGE SEO affects more than 50% of the ranking factors. OFF SITE SEO is very important when you own a website as it will: Increase website rank: It will make the website to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which will directly increase the traffic to your site. Increase Page Rank: Page rank is a ranking factor which ranges between 1-10, this directly shows how valuable a website is for Google. Google uses more than 250 factors when considering a page to rank it in a search result and Page Rank is one of the important factors. Increase exposure: Higher rankings in the search result will directly mean an increase in traffic which will also bring in more links and social media mentions. The links & social media mentions will, in turn, bring in a lot of traffic and it will become a loop.

Link Building

Link building is the most popular and well-known strategy of OFF PAGE SEO. Search Engines use backlinks as a factor so with much high-quality backlink your site is sure to rank higher than your competitor site with fewer backlinks. Your backlink is as good as the site you are linking your website to, if you get a backlink from a very high authoritative website then you will get steady traffic from that backlink which is a great advantage; the visitor will have trust over your website as they have clicked on your link from a well known authoritative website. The main types of links are as follows: Natural links: These are links that are given without any request from the page owner. For example you have a website which solely has information about organically producing vegetables and fruits, if a food blogger wanted to talk about organic farming they might use one of your page links in their blog post as a reference; this is a natural link that was given to your website naturally without you requesting for one. Manual links: These are links that are acquired by requesting someone to link to your site. For example, you can ask your friend or an acquaintance, a customer or an influencer to link to your website or share your link. Self-created links: These are manual links that are created by you by posting your website or page links on places on the internet which might bring traffic back to your website or page. Examples of such links are commenting on a forum, blog, website, etc. Irrespective of how many links you create the quality of the link matters and it depends on the following factors of the linking site:
  • The popularity
  • The Authority
  • The trustworthiness
  • The relevance of the topic
  • The freshness of the link
  • The anchor text used


While link building is the primary technique used for OFF PAGE SEO marketing can also be effectively used to increase the ranking in the search engine results. Other than link building the following techniques are commonly used to improve the search result rankings: Social Media Marketing: Social Media is also a part of OFF-SITE SEO, it can also be viewed as a type of link building. For example, you write very valuable content and share it on social media like facebook, twitter, etc. Since it is valuable content it will get a lot of shares and likes. We know links are a direct ranking factor and so the more the shares the more link generations and it will definitely impact your ranking in the SERP. Google keeps track of all the activities of your links in every social media as well. So you need a high social media presence or an influencer with a high number of followers to make your content go viral. Guest Blogging: Guest blogging can be a very effective way to earn your link back to your website but you must not overdo it as you should also give value to the blog to which you are posting as a guest. Identify top blogs which are relevant to your site that allow guest blogs; once you have identified a few propose your idea of providing them value by creating a blog post as well as what you want back from them, a backlink to your page or site. Influencer Marketing:   An influencer is a person who has a decent amount of following on social media platforms whose posts has a reach over hundreds or even thousands of people. Influencer Marketing is exposing your website or your page to an audience through the influencer. The audience who follows the influencer will have trust in him/her and if that influencer promotes your product ( website/page) the audience will also have trust towards your product. When used effectively Influencer Marketing can be a great tool when it comes to OFF PAGE SEO optimizing.


OFF PAGE SEO is as important as ON PAGE SEO; you need both SEO optimization techniques to get your site rank up in the SERP. When you try to build links do not go for the easier methods but try to get the ones that have high authority, they are hard to get but they are worth the effort. It’s not easy to get links nowadays but the very first objective you need to complete is to create a website that is optimized to perfection & use valuable content. Link building can be much easier when you have a solid website with unique and valuable content. So work towards that first and everything will fall into place.

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