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ON PAGE SEO also known as ON SITE SEO is the method of optimizing each and every variable of a website with the idea of trying to rank higher and attract more related traffic to your website through search engines. You need to optimize your online presence in order to make your website visible to the traffic source. ON SITE SEO refers to optimizing both the content of a page as well as the HTML source code of it while OFF PAGE SEO relies on link building & Social Media Marketing.

In recent days ON PAGE SEO rules have changed at a very fast pace as Google is evolving their algorithms to ensure they are giving the best results. Your ON PAGE SEO tactics should also be getting smarter as time goes by or else you will be left behind.

It takes all elements of a website into consideration and optimizes your website to improve the site ranking in the search engine results. Google is getting more smarter and complicated with every algorithm update they make but the ever stable factor for ON PAGE SEO is relevance. That’s right relevance is the key, your site should be optimized so that the visitor quickly gets an idea about what your website or your page is about so that they can gauge whether it addresses their search query.

In simpler term ON PAGE SEO helps search engines the perspective of a human seeing your website if they visit it, what their query is and how relevant the content is to that query. This helps the search engines to carefully give the visitors the high-quality content which is relevant to their search query.

Basic use of ON PAGE SEO

  • The basic necessity of using ON PAGE SEO is to make things easy for both the search engine as well as the end-users to:
  • Understand what content does the webpage has.
  • Identify pages that are relevant to the search query by the usage of specific keywords.
  • Identifying pages that are relevant and worthy of ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

ON SITE SEO is a very important aspect to look into if you want to drive traffic to your website through organic search results. Because the first few seconds determine whether the visitor gets interested and will interact with your website or not. The more interactive and interesting your website is to your visitor the more chances that they will stay longer on your website which indeed will give them a better experience as they are interested.

As you already know it the more time visitors spend on your website the better it is for you. Do make an effort to improve your ON PAGE SEO and you will see a steady increase in your traffic as well as your ranking. An important issue is that people tend to forget is to gauge your website performance, you need to conduct an analysis of your site once you believe you have optimized your site well. Only if you conduct an analysis you will be able to find out some minor or major issues that you have on your website which you can rectify to improve the site performance.

Understanding ON PAGE SEO

It is very less about the usage of multiple keywords or the placement of them but it is ultimately about the understanding about who your visitors, what kind of content they want on your website and do you have what they want. Pages that have good ON PAGE SEO optimization have the following aspects checked in their list:

User-friendly:  Like we mentioned earlier only a matter of seconds determines whether a visitor will stay on your website or bounce out of it. The content should be readable and to the point. Your whole website should be clean and easy to navigate.

Content depth: Content plays a vital role in ranking your site. The thinner your content is the more your chances of falling back at the search results. Always have in-depth and relevant content of what your visitors want from your website, this will increase your chances of increasing your search engine ranking.

Unique: Never steal content from anywhere from the web. If you copy-paste your content from any other website google has ways to find it out and will mark your content as scrap. Then you will have no way of ranking your website even though you have all other elements nailed.

Authoritative: Your content should have authority over the topic with which you have created a post. It should be a reliable source of information about the topic or else your visitors will not return to your site looking for anymore trusted information.

Relevant content: Have time to take a report of what users search for in your website and create posts with relevance to their search queries. When you give what your visitors are searching for they will be excited and tend to spend more time on your website which is what your ultimate goal should be.


ON PAGE SEO is as important as OFF PAGE SEO; you need both SEO optimization techniques to get your site rank up in the SERP. When you try to optimize your website for ON PAGE SEO build your website and optimize it to perfection with the content quality. Make the posts relevant to what the users are searching for and keep the content as unique as possible. Posting relevant & quality content will give value to the visitors coming to your site or page which in turn will gradually spike up your ranking in the SERP.


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