What is SEO?

A basic overview


what is seo
what is SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing the quality & quantity of the traffic that your website gets through organic search engine results or unpaid results. In simple terms, it is the process of driving quality traffic to your website without spending any money. When we specifically say quality traffic it refers to the users who are searching for the content which is on your website.



high quality traffic
high-quality traffic

Quality of traffic: You can drive thousands of visitors to your website but if they are not interested in the content you provide it would not be quality traffic. For example, your website is all about apple jam and someone is searching for apple laptops and if that person is driven to your website he/she will not be interested in your website. But if a person who is literally looking for apple jam gets your website listed in the search result and visits your website that’s quality traffic as the visitor is interested in your website content.

quantity traffic
quantity traffic

Quantity of traffic: Once you have visitors who are interested in your content visit your website on a regular basis through Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), more traffic is better for your website.

organic traffic
organic traffic

Organic traffic: Advertisements make up a big portion of many Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Organic traffic is nothing but the traffic driven to your website without the usage of paid ads.



How SEO works?
How SEO works?

 Google (a search engine) has a crawler that goes out on the web and scrapes all the information it can get from the “n” number of websites. The crawler brings back the data as 1s and 0s to the search engine to then build an index. This index is then fed to an algorithm which tries to match all the gathered data with your query.

There are various factors that affect the search engine’s algorithm and below is how a group of experts ranked their importance:

  1. Domain-Level, Link Authority Features
  2. Page-Level Features
  3. Page-Level KW & Content Features
  4. Page-Level Keyword-Agnostic Features
  5. Domain-Level Brand Features
  6. User, Usage, & Traffic/Query Data
  7. Social Metrics
  8. Domain-Level Keyword Usage
  9. Domain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features

And for the Optimization part make sure you write perfect and crisp title tags, meta descriptions which points to the pages of your website that you are proud of.

SEO algorithm update
SEO algorithm update


Search Engine Algorithms are updated very frequently and in response to that the SEO techniques also evolve. Make sure you are up to date with all the SEO updates to stay in the game.

What are you waiting for? GO SEO!!!


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